Our philosophy is based on the faithful commitment with our customers in terms of efficiency, service and product quality.

The history of Sancor Transformers begins like other family businesses. In 1974, Rafael Sánchez started a small electromechanical workshop. After becoming a private civil society, in 1996 Sancor became a limited company. Since then, he has remained as a manufacturer of electrical transformers, relying on his family business values, and contributing his experience of more than 40 years in the sector.

That is why we are pleased to welcome you to our company through this site, where we offer our range of products, as well as all our services.

Sancor is present in fields such as renewable energies, hospitals, railways, industrial machinery, lifting, etc.

The constant demand of the markets has caused Sancor to initiate processes of internationalization of its products. This fact has allowed us to grow outside our borders with notoriety.



Never promise more than you can carry out.

Sancor Transformers is characterized by its faithful commitment to its customers, offering them the best service and a quality product. Only by surrounding ourselves with the best professionals in the sector can we guarantee these standards.

We are characterized by the agility and efficiency with which we manage each order, since delivery time constitutes for us an inescapable commitment with our customers.



In the race for quality there is no finish line.

Our quality policy is strict and fundamental. As a transformer manufacturer it is our priority to offer the customer

a quality final product and ensure its proper functioning. For this, we manufacture and verify all our products under international regulations, and we rely on strict manufacturing processes.

To guarantee our quality brand, Sancor relies on the efficiency of its suppliers and the quality assurance of its products.